This fitness and social hub is a great outlet for new mums as you can bring your baby ‘n buggy along, so no need for a sitter! Classes last for one hour.

It gives Mums the chance to get in shape and pull back into that body you had before it was all about baby and helps put a structure on Maternity Leave.

Mum’s get to meet up with other mums, swap stories, trade tips; it will get you outdoors, so you can get fit and active, feel energetic and positive and most of all, help you lose the weight and tone up.

All our sessions are 6 weeks with 2 mornings a week plus a bonus Saturday class for Mums who want to a more intense workout, without their buggy.











6 Weeks

Membership: 18 Classes

Sessions: Up to 3 classes per week

Duration: 60 Minutes

Access: All Locations

Saturdays: 60 Minute Bootcamp Included (Buggy Free)


3 Months
€15, €70 or €100

Membership: 1, 6 or 10 Classes

Sessions: Drop In

Duration: 60 Minutes

Access: All Locations

Saturdays: 60 Minute Bootcamp with a Class Pass (Buggy Free)


Cliona Cosgrove

Doreen Byrne

Sandra Carwood


When can I start?

You can start our Mummy Bootcamp classes once your are 6 weeks post natal following a normal delivery, and 12 weeks post natal if you had a c-section. In both cases you will need to have had your check up with your doctor before starting our sessions to be given the all clear for exercise post natal.

Will I be able for it?

The class is done on a ‘train at your own pace’ level, so all exercises will have a modification or alternative for mums who prefer to take it easier, or if they prefer to go a bit harder. Just let your instructor know if you feel it is too hard or too easy and he or she will adapt accordingly for you.

Can I bring my baby?

Yes you can! That’s the beauty of this class… no need for a sitter. You can bring you baby in their buggy, and wrap them up all cosy and off you go!

Can I tend to my baby during the class?

Yes of course you can! The babies needs come first, so if you need to feed the baby or soothe them you can anytime throughout the class.

What if I am breastfeeding?

We suggest that you BF before the class, for 2 reasons, 1) for your comfort, and 2) it can often help put the baby to sleep and let you have an enjoyable carefree hour!

Where else are the Mummy Bootcamp classes held?

Check out our classes page for the list of our other locations.

Is there parking?

Yes there is free parking in all our locations.

What should I wear?

We suggest that you wear appropriate training clothes with good support if you can. Especially your sports bra. Proper runners are a must, not fashion ones! A hat, gloves and a light jacket in winter/spring are great to have too and some sunscreen in the summer!

What do I need to bring with me to class?

Just your water bottle, your baby (if you want to), and your buggy! Anything else is your own choice. Ideally have a warm dry top for afterwards in case you’re having coffee with the other mums.

What about when I want to do regular Bootcamp after doing a number of Mummy Bootcamp sessions?

Our mums can join our regular Bootcamps following the Mummy Bootcamps. They are in a number of different locations so feel free to call us for up to date information when you are at that stage. As a Mummy Bootcamper, you will get a discount on your first regular Bootcamp session of €20.

Will we be with the buggies all the time?

Yes you will. However there may be times, where the instructor will stay with the buggies and give you the option to do something without them. They will always be in your view regardless. And you can bring the buggy with you at all times if you prefer.

I am thinking of joining alone.. will that be ok?

Of course.. most Mums join on the their own! That’s how you get to meet most people. And you all have 1 big thing in common that gets you all chatting! Babies and sleep deprivation:)

My pelvic Floor muscles are still quite weak, what should I do?

We do take this into account in our classes, and we do ask that you have them checked by your physio if you feel that they are not getting better. Your pelvic floor muscles take time to get back to normal, but need to be worked both at our Mummy Bootcamp classes and at home in your own time.

Do I have to wait until a new 6 weeks to start?

Ideally, yes, but if you prefer to get started straight away, then contact us and we can get you started straight away. Every mums is different, so please call us for a chat if you are concerned about being ready or not.

I am going to miss a week in my 6 weeks how can I make it up?

You are free to make up the missed classes on the alternate days in other locations during your 6 weeks. We also run Saturday classes in our sisterm company, Bootcamp Ireland. Mums are free to attend these classes throughout their 6 weeks, but they are buggy free so make sure you have Dad or grandparents on hand to give you a well deserved break:)

What about my abdominals - I have heard of Abdominal Separation and I am not sure what this is?

Every Mums is different, and if you have any concerns that your Abdominals have not yet come back together after your baby was born, then ask your instructor at the start of the session for more details. Ideally you can check them at home yourself easily enough. Read here for more details.

I have missed the start date, can I still join?

Yes you can, if you join after week 2, we will work out a rate at €20 per week, and send you the link. This is just to get you started on your first session with us. Other than than, it takes most of our mums the first 2 to 3 classes to get started due to prior commitments.

What happens at the end of my 6 weeks?

We will re-test you and measure you again to see how you got on, but most mums re-join for the following 6 weeks and again and will stick with us throughout their maternity leave or until they have got results! In some cases, until they pregnant again 🙂