Bootcamp is all about getting fit. But is your body fit for Bootcamp?

Do little niggles prevent you reaching that full sprinting pace?

Do you worry about your shoulder when you try to push those last few press-ups?

Are you holding yourself back in case you damage something?


Niggles and aches are a normal part of training and reconditioning your body. But it’s important to distinguish between what you feel when your body is adapting to increased training loads and what is actually an injury in the making.

The key to successful injury management is early intervention. The quicker you deal with a problem, the quicker it will resolve with the lowest risk of recurrence. Ignoring a pain over weeks or even months is the worst thing you can do:

  • It causes more damage to the originally injured structure
  • it causes your body to adapt compensatory movements or positions just to keep you going
  • it increases your risk of injury in other areas
  • it will mean a longer period of time before the injury fully resolves
  • The aim of our Physio File videos is to make you aware of common niggles, what can be done about them and what you should take note of and deal with promptly. If in doubt, just ask us!

Not every niggle needs treatment. But if your pain is there longer than a week, you need to talk to us – we love to chat about injury prevention and rehab so call us on 01-2137000, email info@totalphysio.ie or find us on facebook. And don’t forget, you get €10 off each session at Total Physio when you’re a Bootcamp member! So there’s no excuse! www.totalphysio.ie

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