Tuesdays & Thursdays at
Head into Terenure College by main gate on Templeogue Rd. We meet just at the top of the avenue on the right, in front of the church.
Start 6 weeks anytime, or avail of our Class Pass Drop in Service
Saturdays at 9:00am
Meet at the front of the Bandstand near the lake
Bonus Class for 6 or 24 week members or avail of class pass drop in
Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm, Saturdays at 10:30am
The park is divided in two by a road, we meet on the side with the pond and pitches and Herbert Park Hotel, by the black railing beside the road
Start 6 weeks anytime (limited 6 week packages available), or avail of our Class Pass Drop in Service




6 Weeks

Membership: 18 Classes

Sessions: Up to 3 per week

Duration: 60 Minutes

Access: All Locations

When: Any Day

Saturdays: Included

Reward: 5th Session Free


24 Weeks

Membership: Up to 120 Classes

Sessions: Up to 5 per week

Duration: 60 Minutes

Access: All Locations

When: Any Day

Saturdays: Included

Reward: Save €100


3 Months
€15, €70 or €100

Membership: 1, 6 or 10 Classes

Sessions: Drop In

Duration: 60 Minutes

Access: All Locations

When: Any Day

Saturdays: Included with Class Pass

Reward: Flexibility




How long does the class last for?

Bootcamp Ireland training classes last for one hour.
They are composed of a 10 to 15 minute warm up period, followed by main part of class and finish with ten minute cool down and stretch routine.

What is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp Ireland is a revolution in getting fit. With a choice of 4 evenings per week and bonus Saturday morning sessions, our classes are open to both men and women of all ages who are interested in getting fit in a new and exciting way. Our instructors are professional army fitness instructors or qualified fitness instructors, who give members the motivation and encouragement to push themselves to new heights.

How fit do I need to be to join?

The great thing about bootcamp is that everyone trains at their own pace. Our instructors will encourage you to push yourself, but no member is asked to go beyond their ability. As a minimum we would recommend that you can walk for 60mins at a good pace, breaking into a jog here and there? If so, then see you at class.

What does a class entail?

We arrive 10 minutes before the session begins. The instructor leads the class with a warm up for 10-15 mins and then the remainder may differ from one session to another. It is made up a variety of circuit training, cardio training, strength and conditioning. To finish each session, a cool down and stretch wraps it up!

How do the Memberships work?

Generally our sessions run for Six Weeks. Over the 6 weeks there are up to 18 classes, 2 of which are mid week and a bonus session on a Saturday morning in any of our Saturday locations which are Bushy Park @ 9.30 and Herbert & Phoenix both @10.30. As a 6 or 24 week member you are free to attend these Saturday classes at anytime. In fact we encourage you to attend a Saturday session so that you are getting the most out of your membership and will notice the effects of your training sooner! Voucher members must pre-book the day before and present a voucher at every Session.

I’m a 6 week Member, what if I miss a training session?

  1. All our members get the ‘Extra Week’ benefit, which allows you to get credit on your account to make up for what you have missed during your session. That credit then kicks in when you sign up for another session i.e. you would get 7 weeks next time around. Members have 4 weeks per year, which they can use for holidays, sickness, weddings, injury etc. To apply for the extra week you just need to log in to your account, go to ‘book & view my sessions’ then click on ‘apply for extra week’ at the bottom left corner. Then just select the dates you’ll be missing and we’ll log them on your account.
  2. If you miss a night in your location you are welcome to train at any of our other locations on any other night that week – without having to book just let the team rep know which location you are coming from.

Where is it on?

We have locations all over Dublin. See Timetable!

Can I bring a friend?

Yeah sure! And if 5 or more of you join, one goes free! (All 5 must register and pay in full at the same time and at the start of a full session).

What if it rains?

Bootcamp Ireland classes go ahead regardless of the weather; Hail, Rain or Shine! In the event of any changes we will communicate with you via text and/or email so it’s vital that you enter the correct mobile number and email address during the online registration process. Should your email/mobile change during your session, it is up to you to update your details on line.

What should I wear to training?

You do not need any specialist gear to train with Bootcamp Ireland. Good quality runners are essential (i.e. no Converse runners!). We recommend wearing a t-shirt, a long sleeved top and a top layer whether it’s a rain coat or windcheater. That way as you get hotter you can remove layers easily. For your lower body; running leggings, shorts or tracksuit bottoms will do the trick! And don’t forget your water bottle; sip it throughout the day on your day of training to make sure you are hydrated coming to class. In Summer you want to consider insect repellent. During winter: protect your extremities with gloves, hat, buff and ensure you have a towel/warm jacket in the car!

Can I go alone?

Of course you can! In fact most of our members come on their own and meet up with other members in the same boat! Its’ actually a great place to meet new people and get fit at the same time!

Can I leave my valuables with Team or Instructor?

No, they cannot take responsibility for your belongings. We recommend that you only bring what you can carry. If travelling by car we advise that you lock your valuables into your car (or your friends car, and tie your key to your shoe lace securely). If possible ensure that you have put all handbags/sports bags/clothing etc in the boot BEFORE coming to this car park to avoid any unwanted attention. Bootcamp Ireland cannot accept any responsibility for any lost or stolen property. We know this is not always possible so if you have to bring a bag please ensure that you have nothing valuable in your bag as we move from our meeting point during the session.

Should I talk to a doctor before Bootcamp?

Bootcamp classes are suitable for the general population, so no prior screening should be necessary. Each member is required to complete a health waiver form on signing up. Should you have any particular illness or disabilities, please inform the instructor before any session.

How do I prepare for Bootcamp on the day I train?

Physically, it is advised that you do not eat at least 1 hour before the session. It’s good to have a substantial lunch on the day of the session, and then a small snack at 4pm. That way, you get the most out of the training, and feel much better. It is also advised to sip water throughout the day up until 2 hours before the class. Mentally, just come along, and prepare to have a good time and work out to the best of your ability.

When can I start Bootcamp?

As soon as you’re ready! We train all year ’round in a number of different locations. Your 6 weeks session starts from your first class.

Can I try it out first?

Like most other courses of this nature, (i.e. circuit training, pilates, dance, etc..), it is essential that all members taking part, pay in full prior to the commencement of any session, so if you have questions at all about the training, please feel free to ask Bootcamp by either email or phone.

How to do I qualify for the Bonus 6 week session?

If you join and pay in full for 4 x 6 week sessions back to back (this means no more than one week break between sessions) you get your 5th session absolutely FREE. 30 weeks of training for the price the price of 24. There’s no catch, it’s as simple as that 🙂