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How to join.

We’ve waiting a long time for this and we are finally so EXCITED to go back outdoors again for serious fitness with our brilliant Military Instructors! Our classes will be full of cardio, conditioning and all the good stuff that get those endorphins up and running! In relation to Mummy Bootcamp classes, all that info can be found here.

All members who were in membership before the Christmas break, have had their memberships updated with the Christmas dates and the Covid lockdown dates added to your membership, to enable you to resume week of May 10th 2021. Log in here to check your membership. If you were out of membership, you can simply purchase again like before

How to book in:

1. Download the app if not already on your phone. Apple Store or Google Play.
2. Select your preferred location
3. Book and pay for a class pass option or a 6 or 24 week membership which is better value.
4. You will be able to book in for any class 7 days ahead of time. Please only book in if you know you can make it.  And cancel if you can’t. You will be deducted if you cancel on the day of.
5. Places are limited in each location with our restricted numbers, so please ensure you book in to secure your place.
6. There are early classes scheduled in Herbert and Terenure, 5:30pm. Should they fill up, a 2nd class may be added on to facilitate numbers.*If we don’t get the numbers for the 2nd hour, it is subject to not going ahead.

See Mind Body Online or your App on your phone for accurate scheduling.

Current timetable as of May 10th for regular Bootcamp only and are subject to change as restrictions lift. Mummy Bootcamp can be found here.

Monday: Herbert park 5:30pm and 6:30pm*
Tuesday: Terenure college 5:30pm and 6:30pm* SAND St. Annes at 6pm
Wednesday: Herbert park 5:30pm and 6:30pm*
Thursday: Terenure college 5:30pm and 6:30pm* AND St. Annes at 6pm
Saturday: Herbert at 9am and Bushy at 9am and St. Annes’ at 10:30am (NEW)

We ask that everyone remain Covid Compliant at all classes and should you feel unwell at all, we would ask that you not train, for your sake and the safety of your fellow members. We will endeavour to keep everyone 2m apart and will avoid sharing of equipment while we still continue to battle Covid.

We are all really looking forward to meeting you all again, and from the feedback that has come in, you are too

See you all soon,


Lorraine & The Bootcamp team.