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St. Annes Park – Winter Training location

Our Winter sessions always bring about change to our sessions and sometimes our training locations. In the case of St. Annes park, Raheny, Dublin, we are doing something different! We are going back to our Bootcamp roots, and taking the class to true Bootcamp Military style training techniques! Our meeting point will be on the corner of Mount Prospect Avenue and Clontarf Road at the same time as usual, Tues & Thurs at 7pm. There has been a lot of development in that area, and with all the new lighting, this will give us extra light for those darker evenings, while being able to keep our Bootcampy outdoorsy feel!

St annes park meeting point for winter

The class will be on the move on some nights, and we advise that all members wear their hi-vis clothing for this class and only bring what you can carry on the move. If you would like to get a hi-vis jacket from us, email us your membership details and we can post one to you. All fitness levels will still be catered for but be sure to remind the instructor at each class if there is anything they should be made aware of for your training.

Please be on time, as you may miss your class if they are on the move!

Cheers and enjoy the sessions!