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Review of Bootcamp Ireland Ski Trip 2016

21 one of us hit Dublin airport full of excitement and anticipation. The week to San Johann had finally arrived. Wahoo!

A lot of the group were experienced skiers or had at least gone once before so they knew what to expect, but we did have a few newbies including myself and Patrick “be the mountain” Corcoran who was the only snowboarder.

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With a relatively short flight to Salzburg and short transfer to our resort of St Johann, we arrived at the Brukenwirt Hotel with the help of our Topflight Rep Lyndsey. Where we got settled and headed down for our first dinner and a few drinks.

Next morning, we got up for breakfast. We headed down to get our gear from the rental shop, which proved to be a rather seamless experience. The more experienced (our Milk Tray Men!!!) headed to hit the slope themselves. Led by Tony, some went on to intermediate lessons and I hit the nursery slopes! With only 5 in the class I was determined to learn loads ….. and that we did!

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Each evening at about 3 or 4 pm we came off the slopes and we hit Max’s Bar for the Apres Ski. Everyone was full of adrenaline from our days skiing. I’d say they would have heard us belting the Ole Ole song in the neighbouring resorts. The craic I have to say was 90! By 6pm we were in dancing / jumping / jiving and Irish dancing and learning Austrian traditional folk to beat the band at the disco and by 7.30. Also, the brave, managing to fit in a shot from the ceiling when the sirens went off! With the help of Angela and Sinead, thanks girls, we were back home to Jeanie for our dinner and a night cap!  Most were in bed early as we knew we had an 8am start.

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Each morning we headed down to our lessons, each day progressing up the mountain. At lunch the views were getting better as the week went on, the higher we went up the slopes. Some of the crew went on to neighbouring resorts of Kitsbull and Steinplatte.

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On our last day everyone headed up to top mountain for a group lunch with the most incredible views we also got together that evening in the local Italian restaurant. Good food and some great banter!

All in all we had a super week, everyone got on great, and there was some serious skiing done and most importantly some great new friend were made!

Can’t wait for 2017 Bootcamp Ireland Ski Trip…


Team Rep Jenny

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