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December/January Dates

What’s happening at Bootcamp Ireland over the Christmas period?

We will we finishing up class on Dec 20th 2016 for the Holidays and return week of Jan 9th 2017. Anyone mid session, will simply be able to continue your session when we return in the New Year. Everyone needs a break so make the most of it!

Christmas/New Year Sessions:

As always we will hold 2 sessions over the break to help you all work off those tins of Roses and Turkey Bellies. These classe are free to all Currently Active members. They are as follows:

Phoenix park Dec 29th at 10am (meeting by the Magazine Fort)

Bushy park Jan 3rd at 10am (meeting by the Band stand)

All Saturday classes on the 7th Jan 2017 (these will be treated as bonus classes for currently active members)

If you are unclear about any of the above, feel free to email me on


Lorraine & The Bootcamp Team