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Christmas Schedule

Our Bootcamp classes will all end by 23rd Dec, just in time to get you sorted for Christmas! We have 2 sessions lined up to get your through the hols, see below.
Some of our venues are not open again until Jan 8th, so we will resume all classes that week of Jan 8th 2018 to keep them all the same for everyone. Take these 2 weeks to relax and recharge after the full year. Your body and mind need the break, and we have put on the 2 classes over the hols for members for free, in case you get cabin fever!
Be sure to keep active over the Holidays so you don’t end up crying on your first class back in Jan! Our instructors will have no sympathy for you!

For all members that are mid 6 or 24 week memberships, we will add on the days for the xmas hols onto your account, so for example if you are on week 3 on week starting 18th Dec, you will have 3 weeks left in Jan, starting on Jan 8th. You don’t have to do anything, your account will have those changes made to it by the 23rd Dec.

We will have 2 sessions on over the holidays that all members who are paid up when we close for Dec, will have free access too! Yes, FREE Bootcamp for all members, as our end of year PAT ON THE BACK and thanks for your loyalty gift from us! Simply book in on our website and we will see you then. PLEASE BOOK IN SO YOU WILL GET NOTIFICATIONS IF ANY. Your friends and non-members can come along too, simply purchase a 1 class pass to take part. Mummy Bootcampers: these are buggy free events.

Event 1: Phoenix park (up on the pitches), 30th Dec at 10am

Event 2: Bootcamp Challanges on Sandymount Strand, Jan 6th at 10am.