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HiiT in St. Endas – morning class

Our 30mins HiiT sessions are continuing in St. Endas park with our 10am morning session on Tues and Thursdays.

High Intensity Interval Training is a highly efficient training technique in which you go all-out, 100% effort with quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

This class is great for those short on time. HiiT training gets and keeps your heart rate up throughout the session so that it burns more fat and calories in less time. It also keeps burning calories long after your session is finished…

So prepare to succeed and get results fast! Get into super shape in a short space of time! This works.. it really does!

From the month of September every 4 weeks, starting September 6th, we will give you guys ‘n gals an express workout using our Bootcamp instructors and formula!


September 6th – September 29th

October 3rd – October 27th

November 1st – November 24th

November 29th – December 22nd

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See you there,


The Bootcamp Team.